The Apple Watch can tell the time, it can display your emails and messages, it can also help you with your fitness/health goals, and it seems that it can also be used to solve crimes. At least that’s what seems to be the case over in Australia where data from the Apple Watch helped local police solve a murder case.


The case involved Myrna Nilsson, 57, the victim who was bashed to death in her home in Adelaide back in 2016. According to Caroline Nilsson, Nilsson’s daughter-in-law, she claimed that a group of men had forced their way into their property following a road rage incident. However based on data from the victim’s Apple Watch, it seems that this might not have been the complete truth.

Based on an analysis by a forensic expert, the time frame in which the victim was attacked to the time she died was in a seven minute window, which indicated that this was an “ambush-type” attack versus a confrontational attack where according to Caroline, her mother-in-law spent 20 minutes arguing with the alleged group of men over a road rage incident.

The prosecutor also discovered that Nilsson had used her phone after the attack to text her husband, and also to access eBay, despite her claims of being tied up and attacked by the intruders. Whether or not Nilsson will be found guilty remains to be seen, but she is expected to return to court on the 13th of June.

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