The iPhone X brought a new era of design for Apple’s smartphones. It’s the first iPhone from the company that doesn’t feature a physical home button and has a display notch. It’s also the first iPhone to feature an OLED display. According to a new report, Apple is now working on curved iPhone displays which may arrive in a couple of years.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is developing two new technologies for future iPhones which includes curved displays and touchless gesture control. Both are said to be in the early stages of research and development which suggests that they may not arrive for at least a couple of years.

These features aren’t particularly groundbreaking, though. Samsung has offered curved displays on smartphones since the Galaxy Note Edge and features like Air Gestures which were introduced with the Galaxy S4 some four years ago allowed users to scroll through webpages and photos by just swiping in the air above their device.

Apple’s iteration of the software feature is said to be similar to the existing 3D Touch feature which provides additional information when the user hovers their finger over a trigger area. The curved displays will reportedly “curve inward gradually from top to bottom.”

It’s still early days, though, so just because the company is believed to be working on these technologies doesn’t mean we’ll see them in iPhones any time soon, even though they do seem to be like features that one would expect the generational upgrade cycle to yield in the future.

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