Apple has revealed some more information about the redesigned Mac Pro that many have been waiting for. They will not be delighted to find out that this computer isn’t going to be released in 2018. Apple has confirmed that the redesigned Mac Pro won’t start shipping before 2019. The modular workstation was previously expected by many to be released in 2018 but it hadn’t actually been confirmed by Apple.


The company has confirmed that it won’t ship the Mac Pro before next year so that customers who were holding out on purchasing the iMac Pro because they suspected this computer to be available soon and go ahead and purchase the iMac Pro, this according to Apple’s Hardware Engineering VP Tom Boger, who revealed this to TechCrunch.

He also mentioned that the wait is going to be worth it because Apple is making tweaks to the system based on feedback from the power users that will purchase this workstation. It has also created a Pro Workflow Team which will help optimize the hardware and software based on real production chains and not just on-paper goals.

The team is staffed with 3D animation, video editing, music, and visual effects creatives who will produce real projects on the machine and then figure out where the bottlenecks are that need to be addressed. It’s the same team that was used to improve the iMac Pro’s performance as well.

There’s no further information as yet on pricing and availability and it’s likely that we’ll hear about it towards the end of this year.

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