If you’re wondering why sometimes you wake up more tired than you did the previous day, there could be a number of reasons why and a sleep tracker is a great way to try and understand your sleep patterns. The good news is that if you’re an Apple Watch user, Sleep Cycle has finally made its way onto the smartwatch.

For those unfamiliar, Sleep Cycle’s app for smartphones has been out for years now. The app tracks your sleeping patterns either by motion by placing the phone on your bed while you sleep, or through sound where the sound of you snoring or tossing and turning could indicate that you’re having a restless night. It also comes with an alarm that attempts to wake up the user at the “best” time possible, such as when you’re not in deep sleep.

The version for Apple Watch more or less does the same thing but there will be some differences, such as a snoring-prevention feature where if the app detects that you are snoring, it will use the Apple Watch’s taptic engine to let you know. However Sleep Cycle claims it won’t be disruptive enough to wake the user, but enough to prompt them to change positions.

However if you sleep with someone who snores then perhaps this feature might not be as useful. The app should already be live so head on over to the iTunes App Store if you’d like to get your hands on it.

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