Some of us have a habit of continuously checking the tracking information of a package that we have on the way to scratch that itch of having to find out when it will arrive. If you’re one of those people then you’re going to like this new feature that Amazon is rolling out. Amazon Map Tracking will allow you to get live updates on where your Amazon package is at a given point in time as it gradually makes its way to your door.

Amazon launched this feature last year on a small scale and it’s now rolling out Amazon Map Tracker to all users. The feature is available for both the mobile app and the web.

The feature’s interface will inform users about an estimate on when the package will arrive, how many stops is the driver away from them, and even a map with markers for the driver and the customer’s house.

This feature is useful not just for those who just can’t wait for their package to arrive. It will also help users time their deliveries so they can check and see how far away the driver is and if there’s enough time for them to pop out for an errand before their package arrives.

The only caveat here is that Amazon Map Tracker will only work for packages that are delivered by Amazon’s own logistics network and not those packages that are handled by USPS, UPS, and FedEX.

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