We’ve seen Facebook roll out the Stories feature across pretty much all of its platforms, such as Facebook itself, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Now it looks like Facebook is bringing more features from Instagram over to Messenger, such as the ability to post a poll on your Stories in Messenger.


As you can see in the photo above, this basically allow users to put up polls inside of their Messenger Stories which more or less functions the same way as Instagram. Those who are on your Messenger list will be able to see your Stories and vote on the polls, after which you can view the results and see who voted for what.

Like we said, this is identical to the way Instagram’s polls work so in reality there’s really nothing new here, especially if you’re used to Instagram’s polls feature. As it stands users can already create polls in Messenger itself, but given the short-life nature of Stories, these polls inside of Stories might be more appropriate if you’re after something short and quick.

Also it does away with the need to form a group just for that specific poll, allowing users to potentially reach a larger audience for their questions. The ability to post polls should already be live so just fire up Messenger if you’d like to take the feature for a spin.

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