If you have been itching to get your hands on the NES Classic, you’ve probably heard that the console is available for purchase starting today. Now one of the gripes that some players have is that the controllers that are bundled with the console are wired, which while we suppose does keep to the retro theme, can be somewhat limiting.


Thankfully if you don’t mind investing a bit of money, the folks at 8BitDo have unveiled a set of wireless controllers that you can use with the NES Classic. The layout of the controller is slightly different compared to the traditional controller where the buttons are arranged in a square, versus the NES cross, but other than that it shouldn’t feel too different.

As for pricing, it is set at $25 per controller which means that you’ll need to buy two if you want your friend to enjoy wireless gaming as well. As MobileSyrup points out, there could be a bit of demand for such a controller, namely because the NES Classic’s controller only has a cord length of 2.5 feet versus 5 feet of the original.

This makes it somewhat limiting and we’re sure that gamers would prefer having a bit more mobility. If 8BitDo’s controller is of interest to you, the company is currently accepting pre-orders so head on over to Amazon’s website if you’d like to get your hands on it.

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