Due to the fact that a lot of tech companies outsource the production and manufacturing of their products to countries such as China, sometimes it would be difficult to keep on top of things, such as whether or not their partners are paying their workers properly and whether or not there have been any labor violations.


Apple has run into some problems in the past and now it looks like Amazon could be facing some issues as well. In a report from The Guardian, it seems that one of Amazon’s suppliers has been found out to have violated certain labor laws where they hired an illegally high number of agency workers and found that they were not paying them properly for overtime.

This was revealed in an investigation by The Observer and the China Labor Watch. Amazon has since admitted to these violations and stated that they actually discovered these violations during an audit back in March 2018. According to Amazon, “We immediately requested a corrective action plan from Foxconn Hengyang detailing their plan to remediate the issues identified and we are conducting regular assessments to monitor for implementation and compliance with our supplier code of conduct. We are committed to ensuring these issues are resolved.”

Some of these violations include an illegal amount of overtime, where the workers at the Hengyang factory could work up to 80 hours of overtime a month, versus the 36 hours that are permitted by law.

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