When choosing seats on a plane, there are some who are adamant about choosing a window seat. This is because there are some who love watching the skies as the plane hurtles through the air at breakneck speed, giving us a view that we otherwise would not normally be able to see.


However it seems that Emirates believes that there could be a time when windowless planes become a reality, so much so that the airline company is working on such a design. The company has recently unveiled their new first-class cabins on its Boeing 777-300ER planes that will feature only virtual windows, or rather “windows” that are in reality digital displays that show what’s outside via fiber-optic cameras.

Is there a reason for fake windows? Isn’t it more expensive to outfit a plane with cameras and displays? Turns out not necessarily, at least not in the long run. This is because it is a rather complex process when it comes to fitting windows into planes, and the removal of windows means that the planes will weigh less, which in turn means less fuel consumed, which ultimately results in cheaper costs to both the company and its customers.

However there are questions about reliability. After all technology is known to run into glitches every now and then, so it would be weird if some windows worked and some didn’t. In any case it remains to be seen if such a design will catch on in the future, but what do you guys think?

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