The last time we saw an Android tablet from Google was back in 2015 where they launched the Pixel C Tablet. The company did not launch anymore tablets after that and in 2017, it was reported that they had stopped selling it. This is why it doesn’t really come as a shock to learn that Google has since removed the “tablet” section from the Android website.

Like we said given that Google hasn’t really bothered updating the Pixel C Tablet since it was first launched 2 years ago and with Google keeping mum on Android on tablets, it almost feels like they’ve given up. To be fair Google isn’t alone in this. Companies such as Samsung and Motorola have in the past put out a fair number of Android tablets, but this has waned in recent years.

So far no one has really come right out and said that they would stop making Android tablets, but it is clear that interest in that field has quietened considerably. Will Google eventually revisit Android on tablets? That’s hard to say, but considering that Chromebooks can now run Android apps and with hybrid touchscreen Chromebooks, perhaps that might be the closest thing we will see as far as new Android tablets are concerned for now.

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