It was reported earlier this year that Google is mulling a possible entry into the gaming space by launching its own game streaming service. The company is even believed to be working on hardware products that will help in achieving this objective. A new report claims that Google may be thinking about acquiring game development studios who will then create content for its platform.

Google’s game streaming project is reportedly codenamed “Yeti,” and Kotaku reports that it involves a streaming platform which will allow people to play games without having to download large files or required special consoles. Google could leverage its expertise in the cloud storage market to make this happen. One source described the idea as “playing The Witcher 3 within a tab on Google Chrome.”

There have also been whispers about YouTube being heavily integrated into the platform which would make sense. Many of the biggest gameplay streamers have chosen YouTube as their platform for choice and it’s also the first stop for those who want game reviews or walkthroughs.

“Imagine you’re playing a game and you run into a tricky boss or don’t know how to solve a puzzle. Instead of opening up your laptop or checking your phone for a guide, you could press a button to activate an overlay on your screen that cues up a YouTube walkthrough of the game you’re playing,” the report adds.

Google is said to have met with “several big video game development companies” at the Game Developers Conference in March and at the E3 2018 convention in June to find out if there’s interest in its streaming platform. The company is also said to be thinking about buying game development studios to have them create more content for its platform. Google has reportedly hired top game developers and marketers from EA, Sony, and other similar companies recently.

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