Netflix is running a new experiment to promote its original shows on the online video streaming service. It’s doing that on the login screen itself. A spokesperson for the company has confirmed that it’s testing a different login screen experience which replaces the black background shown behind users’ names and profile images with full-screen photos that promote original shows from Netflix.

The photos that are shown in this experiment are meant to promote original series or specials by Netflix such as Orange is the New Black, BoJack Horseman, 13 Reasons Why, and more. Netflix has told TechCrunch that it’s running this experiment “for TV” so it appears to be limited to streaming devices for now. The photos that it shows to promote the shows aren’t personalized suggestions, it appears, they’re just a revolving list of originals that are popular on Netflix.

Users will find a new photo promoting another original every time they return to the login screen. They’re likely to not run out of options given that Netflix’s library has a massive collection of original series.

Netflix may only decide to move forward with this once the experiment confirms that this is helping drive up viewership for its originals. If it doesn’t then we can expect Netflix to stick with the black background going forward.

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