While most mobile devices these days come with fingerprint scanners to help protect the device from being accessed by unauthorized personnel, this does not mean that once unlocked, the contents of our phone should be easily accessed either. For example there might be instances where we lend our phones to someone, which doesn’t give them the right to snoop around.


This is why there are some apps, such as financial apps or note-taking apps that offer an additional layer of security to prevent prying eyes. For those who are using Microsoft’s OneDrive app on Android, you will be pleased to learn that Microsoft has recently issued an update for the app in which users can now attach their fingerprints to the app to lock it.

Prior to this OneDrive already offered users an additional layer of security via PIN code locking, but in case you are worried that your PIN can be guessed, then biometric security is probably the next best thing. This means that if anyone gains access to your phone, as long as they don’t have your fingerprint, they won’t be able to access the contents on OneDrive, assuming you’ve already set it up. The update should be live so head on over to the Google Play Store to get your hands on the latest version of the app.

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