Epic has recently confirmed that for Android, Fortnite Battle Royale will be launched outside of the Google Play Store. One of the main reasons behind it is so that Epic can avoid paying Google a cut from in-app purchases made in the game, which as far as the iOS version of the game is concerned, comes in at around $2 million everyday.

Now there are some concerns about Epic’s decision, namely what this could mean for security. While we’re sure Epic is taking all the precautions they can, recently it has been spotted that there are several fake Fortnite for Android ads making their rounds. This is according to a report from Game Rant who investigated the appearance of these ads.

While fake ads for apps aren’t new, a good way to tell if they are fake is if they ask to be installed outside of the Play Store. This is because the Play Store comes with certain security checks that prevents malware from being hidden in apps, and also prevents apps from abusing certain features of Android. Launching outside of the Play Store means that anything goes.

Like we said, Epic probably is doing everything they can to make the install as secure as possible, but with these ads making their rounds, we wouldn’t be surprised if there were more instances of Android devices getting hit with malware as a result of this, especially amongst Android users who might not be as tech savvy.

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