One of the unique and key features of the iPad Pro would be the Apple Pencil stylus accessory that is sold alongside the tablet, in which many have praised the tablet and accessory as being an excellent tool for creative use, such as digital drawings and art. Unfortunately the Apple Pencil did not come cheap, which is why many were chuffed when Logitech announced the Crayon accessory earlier this year.


The Crayon is basically a cheaper version of the Apple Pencil, but the downside was that it was only limited to schools, meaning that regular people trying to buy it off the shelves was impossible, at least until now where Logitech has announced that the Crayon stylus accessory will be available for purchase by anyone and everyone.

Unfortunately it seems that it won’t be retaining the same cheap price as it did when it launched. The Crayon was originally priced at $50 and it still is when bought by schools, but for everyone else, the Crayon will cost $70. However at $70 it is still $30 cheaper compared to the Apple Pencil.

There are some key differences between the Crayon and the Apple Pencil, such as the Crayon sporting a slightly shorter battery life of seven hours. It also features a female Lightning port which means that you can’t charge it by plugging it into the iPad, although given the awkwardness of that design, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It also features rubber in its build that makes it tougher as it is designed to survive four-foot drops. If this sounds good, then head on over to Logitech’s website for the details on how to get one.

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