Embedding YouTube videos in websites is pretty common and if you’re a creator, you might be able to appreciate a recent design change that Google has made to YouTube embeds, where based on these design changes it should allow viewers watching the embedded video to navigate to the video’s channel easily as well as manage certain basic settngs.


In embedded videos, next to the title of the video in the top left corner, it will show the logo of the channel. When you move your mouse over the logo, it will display a slideout menu that includes a “Subscribe” button to allow users to quickly subscribe to the channel, or they can click on it and take users to the channel directly.

Users will also be able to enable notifications for that channel directly in the slideout menu, meaning that users can adjust basic channel settings from the embedded video itself, saving them the time and trouble of having to go to the channel’s page. The rest of the embedded video will remain as before, but hopefully this will aid in channel discovery and also subscriptions. If you’d like to check out the changes then you can check out the embedded video below as an example.

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