The New York City Police Department has been testing body cameras for its force since the past few years and aimed to equip every officer with one by next year. It may not be able to meet this goal as its now pulling all body cameras after one caught fire last night. A camera worn by an officer in Staten Island began smoking and “burst into flames,” according to the NYPD.


The NYPD has thus decided to pull them all pending the outcome of its investigation into the matter. This means that until it knows what caused that one camera to catch fire, the entire force equipped with this model will be without body cameras.

The body camera, in particular, is a Vievu model LE-5. An official told The Daily Beast that the camera “unexpectedly began to smoke and fell from his shirt to the ground.” The NYPD has said that it has been made aware of a possible defect in the camera while reiterating that nobody was hurt when the battery of this particular camera “exploded.”

Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill “has directed that the continued use and distribution of the LE-5 model cameras be suspended effective immediately.” The force is investigating the matter to ascertain the cause of this defect. The advisory also says that only officers with the LE-5 model will have to turn them in. Those using the LE-4 model can continue using it without any issues.

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