Facebook has come under fire multiple times over how it handles hate speech and other similar types of content. This isn’t to say that Facebook is doing nothing about it, but rather many seem to feel that Facebook isn’t working quickly enough to prevent or remove such content from its platform.


However it seems that Facebook and the French government have come to some kind of agreement which would allow the government to send regulators to the company. These regulators will be “embedded” into the company and observe how the company addresses hate speech content.

From these observations, the regulators can then get an idea of what Facebook does, and whether or not they do enough to manage such content, and whether it can be improved upon. According to French President Emmanuel Macron, this is a first for Facebook. Speaking at the annual Internet Governance Forum in Paris, Macron said, “It’s a first. I’m delighted by this very innovative experimental approach,” he said. “It’s an experiment, but a very important first step in my view.”

It is unclear if these regulators will be given full access which might include algorithms and code that Facebook employs to regulate such content, or if it will mostly be superficial, but either way it is an interesting approach and we have to wonder if other companies will open themselves up to similar checks.

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