Apple’s new iPad Pro comes with quite a few magnets, in case you did not realize. A test conducted by Pocket-lint discovered that the tablet contained as many as 90 magnets on the back of the iPad Pro alone. If you thought that the magnets were only for the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard, think again.


In fact there were so many magnets that the folks at Cult of Mac started to wonder: could the iPad Pro be used as a fridge magnet? As it turns out, it can. In a test by Cult of Mac’s Charlie Sorrel, he decided to try sticking the tablet to the side of his fridge, in which he discovered that it managed to stick on just fine.

We’re not sure how strong these magnets are and whether you should actually leave it there, but considering how much Apple’s new iPad Pro costs, we think that there are probably much cheaper ways if you’re looking to leave notes on the fridge, or if you want to put up some artwork like drawings or photos, and so on, although we suppose the idea of being able to “transform” a regular fridge into a somewhat smart one does have its appeal. In any case we highly advise against trying this at home.

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