While marketing efforts such as running advertisements on TV and newspapers and the internet is one of the ways that you can attract new customers, a new way for restaurants to draw customers to their establishments is by creating food that is “Instagrammable”, which is basically to say that these food items look so good in photos that it makes you want to visit.

In fact a steakhouse called Boston Chops has taken it to the next level by spending $10,000 on a customized table that is designed to help Instagrammers make their food look especially tasty. This includes moveable arm lights, lights whose intensities can be adjusted, along with their color temperature settings.

This means that Instagrammers who want to tweak the lighting to better suit their photography style will be able to do so. Note that this is the only table that the restaurant has and is available for reservation. That being said, Boston Chops isn’t the first restaurant to try and cater to social media users. As we have covered in the past, there have been other establishments that attempt to cater to such users, such as by using plates that might look especially good on social media.

According to Boston Chop’s co-owner Chris Coombs, “Social media is a big part of the dining scene today and we didn’t have to think about it when we opened Boston Chops South End five years ago. Now, it is imperative that photos of restaurant interior and food are beautiful when they are posted online by influencers. It is a great marketing tool for people to see our food, décor and cocktails and hopefully entice them to check it out for themselves.”

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