While flagship smartphones are a great way to showcase what a company can do and how far their R&D has come along, low-end and mid-range phones are just as important because while these phones might not necessarily be as flashy, the lower price points also means that they are more appealing to customers who can’t afford the high-end stuff.


This is why developers are starting to recognize that the low-end market cannot be ignored, such as Xiaomi who has recently launched their Mint browser for Android. While browser apps are common, Xiaomi’s approach to the Mint browser is aimed at users who might have low-storage on their devices, and who also do not have much RAM available to them.

The Mint browser in question only requires about 10MB in storage size, which is impressive when you consider that there are some photos and videos that actually take up way more space. In terms of its performance, Android Police found that it managed to load up pages relatively quickly even on a 3-year old device.

While it is aimed at users with less powerful phones, we imagine that the low memory and resources consumption should make it appealing to users who want a simple browser with a small footprint. The app is available via Google Play so head on over for the download.

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