Many have raised the issue of facial recognition systems being used in public as a cause for concern with regards to privacy. After all we should be able to go about our business daily without having to worry about computer systems and people behind those systems recognizing us, right?


However interestingly enough, it seems that not everyone is as fussed about facial recognition as you might think. A recent online poll conducted by the Center for Data Innovation (via The Register) has found that the majority of those that took part in the poll didn’t really seem to care for the need for facial recognition technology to be regulated.

For example when asked if the government should “strictly limit the use of facial recognition technology”, 44.9% disagreed versus 26.2% of agreed. Getting into specifics, it was also asked if the tech should be limited even if it means that it can’t be used to stop shoplifting, or speed up lines at the airport, or public safety, many disagreed that it should not be limited.

However what’s interesting is that when we look at the demographics of those who answered, it seems that the majority of those who agreed that the tech should be regulated/limited are aged 18-34, while those 35 and older all seemed to think that no regulation was necessary.

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