With the latest version of macOS, Apple introduced dark mode to its desktop operating system. Dark mode seems to be a trending feature in the recent years where many are starting to appreciate the ability to give apps a darker look to make it less glaring. The good news is that it looks like the feature could be coming to iOS as well.


According to a recent report from Bloomberg, it seems that Apple’s next iOS update – iOS 13 – is expected to come with a system-wide dark mode. What this means is that when enabled, it should turn the entire OS into dark mode and apply it across native apps. At the moment dark mode is a feature that is entirely up to developers to implement (which some apps such as YouTube have).

However a system-wide dark mode means that Apple would be creating a standard and also giving developers an easier way of implementing the feature for their apps. We’re not sure how dark mode on iOS will look like yet, but assuming that Apple announces it at WWDC mid-year, we should find out then.

In the meantime there are reports that Google could also be bringing a system-wide dark mode to Android Q. This feature has been talked about for years where we’ve seen it in developer previews, but yet for some reason it never made the final cut.

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