For the longest time ever, Sony’s PS4 has more or less dominated the console space, at least until the Nintendo Switch came along and changed the landscape. Granted the Switch has yet to catch up to Sony in terms of total units sold, but so far it appears that on a monthly basis, Nintendo may very well have outsold the competition.


This is according to early NPD figures as seen by Direct-Feed Games where according to the figures, the Nintendo Switch managed to sell 284,000 units for the month of January 2019. This is versus other consoles like the PS4 which managed 195,000 units, while the Xbox One only sold 101,000 units.

Assuming that these figures are accurate, it looks like Nintendo is staying well ahead of the competition. What do we mean by that? Some might remember a report from earlier in January which revealed that the Nintendo Switch outsold all the other consoles in 2018, which means that these figures suggest that Nintendo’s streak is well and truly alive.

Whether or not Nintendo will actually be able to eventually outsell the PS4 in total units sold remains to be seen, but for now it looks like the Switch is doing pretty well for itself.

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