Google is looking to encourage visitors to shop through its search results and it’s taking some inspiration from services like Instagram and Pinterest for this. Google has started testing shoppable ads in image searches. So if you’re looking at living room furnishing ideas in Google Images, you’ll be able to purchase a table or sofa by clicking on the shopping tag button.

The company says that a recent study showed that Google is the first place U.S. shoppers go to in order to discover or find a new brand or product. It finds that 50 percent of online shoppers said that images of the product inspired them to make the purchase.

Seeing as how customers are increasingly turning to Google Images, the company has decided to invest more in shopping solutions for Google Images. This provides advertisers with a new way to research shoppers when they’re looking for visual inspiration.

Advertisers will be able to highlight multiple products available for sale within their sponsored ad in Google Images results. This doesn’t mean that shoppable links will be included in every Google Images result, just the sponsored ones.

Google is currently testing this with a “small percentage” of traffic with select retailers. These results are being surfaced on broad queries such as “home office ideas” and “shower tile designs.”

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