Cellebrite, for those unfamiliar, is an Israeli mobile security company who gained attention when it was revealed that they had managed to crack Apple’s iPhones, allowing them to gain access to the contents of the device without needing the passcode or biometric authentication from the owner of the device.

It has been something of a whack-a-mole situation between Cellebrite and Apple, where the latter would patch security flaws that previously allowed Cellebrite’s system to access their devices, only to have new flaws exploited afterwards. Now according to Cellebrite, they claim to have made improvements to its system where they can now “perform a full file system extraction on any iOS device”.

This means that any iPhone or iPad, old or new, is no longer safe from Cellebrite’s system. This also means that law enforcement agencies who use Cellebrite’s products will be able to easily extract information from the iOS device belonging to a suspect without needing their explicit consent.

Apple has yet to respond to Cellebrite’s latest claims, although we imagine that the company probably isn’t too thrilled about it and is probably looking at ways to fix it. To date there have been some governments who are using Cellebrite’s products. The company had previously argued that the use of their products to unlock iPhones is for “public safety”.

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