If you’ve ever gone through the comments on a public Facebook post, it can sometimes feel like it is the perfect example of everything wrong about the internet and social media these days. This is why Facebook has recently announced an initiative in which they are hoping that they can make public comments feel more meaningful.

According to Facebook, “We’re always working to ensure that people’s time on Facebook is well spent. One way we do this is through ranking, which promotes meaningful conversations by showing people the posts and comments most relevant to them.” The company says that they will be making some changes on that front in a bid to improve on these comment rankings in public posts.

One of the ways that they will be improving on this is by ranking comments that have interactions with the original poster. This means that if the page or person whose post you commented on replies to your comments, it will be seen as being more relevant/meaningful. This will also apply to comments or reactions from friends of the person who created the post.

Facebook also goes into detail about some of the criteria they look for when ranking comments, such as “integrity signals”, how other users react to the comments, and so on. Whether or not this will make public comments more meaningful remains to be seen.

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