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Facebook’s events feature is the gold standard for establishing an online presence for your events and now it looks like Snapchat wants in on some of that action. An unannounced feature has been discovered which suggests that Snapchat may get support for events as well. This would put the feature in direct competition with the functionality that has long been offered by Facebook.

App researcher extraordinaire Jane Manchun Wong, who has discovered many unannounced features in the past, has come across the new events feature that Snapchat seems to be working on. The screenshots posted by Wong show what the interface for this feature is going to look like. The details are slim at this point in time, though, so it’s not clear how this feature is actually going to work.

What the interface shows is that users will be able to create events, assign a time and place, and that swiping up on an invite will enable recipients to join a group chat for that event. It’s not known for sure if this feature will be used for making public events or those limited to immediate Snapchat friends.

Since it allows events to be assigned to specific locations, it’s possible that they will integrate with Snap Map. The map can already show users what their friends are up to based on their location. The events feature would tie in nicely with that. Snap has not officially commented on this as yet.

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