Over the past few years, there seems to have been a rise in people doing mean things to other people, recording it, and uploading it to YouTube under the guise of “pranks”. This is what YouTuber, Kanghua Ren also known as ReSet, did a couple of years ago when he published a video to his channel where he filled Oreo cookies with toothpaste and paid a homeless man €20 to eat them.

According to Ren, he told his followers, “Maybe I went a little far, but let’s look at the positive side, it will help him clean his teeth, I don’t think he has often brushed his teeth since he became poor.” The video got a lot of negative comments and in a follow-up, Ren added, “If I had done this with a normal person, no one would have said a thing, but as he is a beggar people are complaining.”

Unfortunately for Ren, no one was laughing as the YouTuber has since been found guilty of an offence against moral integrity by the Spanish courts and sentenced to 15-months in jail, and is also expected to pay some kind of compensation to the victim. His YouTube channels have also been ordered to be closed down for five years.

Despite the jail time, Ren is not expected to serve any actual time as typically in Spain, jail time is not implemented for first-time offenders for non-violent crimes.

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