Data is perhaps one of the most valuable assets for online companies which is why they keep coming up with new ways to collect it. Amazon has a new offer for people who don’t mind the company tracking their activity across websites. If they install a browser tool that lets Amazon do just that, the company would give them $10 for their troubles.


It’s not like there aren’t a lot of people who aren’t using this tool already. More than 7 million people have used it on Chrome and Firefox. This offer is only for new installations of the assistant.

To be eligible for this $10 award, the users will have to install the Amazon Assistant comparison shopping tool. It will display prices of products on Amazon when customers are searching for them on rival websites like Target and Walmart. Amazon offered this yesterday for 48 hours as part of its Prime Day marketing blitz.

This deal is also for new installations of the Amazon Assistant. The tool requires access to a user’s web activity in order to function, the data that it picks up includes links and some page content. Amazon says that it’s going to use this data to improve its general marketing, products, and services that are unrelated to this tool.

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