Apple customers have been known to be particularly loyal to the brand, although this is largely in part with Apple locking its customers into its ecosystem, where after years of buying apps and using services from the company, users don’t really have much of a choice but to keep using the company’s products.

However, in recent times, it seems that customer loyalty for the iPhone might have fallen to an all-time low. This is according to data from BankMyCell who found that iPhone retention was down by 15.2% compared to March 2018. The report found that 18% of iPhone trade-ins switched to a Samsung phone, and that overall loyalty was sitting at 73%, versus 92% from 2017.

This is largely based on trade-ins so it might not necessarily represent all iPhone users, but no doubt that should be some kind of indication. It is unclear why loyalty to the iPhone could be slipping. It is possible that the expensive prices could have deterred customers from upgrading, instead choosing to go with Android phones that are generally less expensive.

It could also be how some users are finding that Apple is less innovative these days, where handset makers such as Huawei are coming up with more impressive tech features for its handsets.

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