Most of us probably have some form of credit card debt, with some of us having more, while some of us have less. Unfortunately, for the most part, these debts will need to be paid off one way or the other, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for Chase Bank’s customers over in Canada who woke up to a pleasant surprise.

This is because the bank has cleared the credit card debt for its Canadian customers. If you thought that this was a glitch or a hack, it isn’t. This is because Chase Bank will be exiting the Canadian credit card market and in the process, they have decided to clear the debt of customers using its Rewards Visa and Marriott Rewards Premier Visa credit cards.

One Chase customer, 55-year old Douglas Turner who racked up about C$6,157 in credit card debt, received a letter from the bank one day. Worried that it was because he had missed a payment, he called and found out that his entire debt had been wiped out. He was also reimbursed C$300 which was his last payment to the bank.

According to Turner, “It’s crazy. This stuff doesn’t happen with credit cards. Credit cards are horror stories.” Chase Bank did confirm back in 2018 that they would be closing its two Visa credit cards and would be leaving the Canadian credit card market after 13 years.

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