YouTube has largely relied on ads to generate revenue and to pay its creators. However, at some point in time, the company experimented with the idea of a paid service in the form of YouTube Premium, where for a monthly subscription, subscribers would gain access to features like YouTube Originals.


However, perhaps the experiment didn’t quite pay off because as some of you might have heard, YouTube had previously announced their plans to make its Originals shows available for free. The good news is that if you were looking forward to checking out some of the shows on YouTube Originals, you only need to wait a bit longer.

This is because YouTube has confirmed that after the 24th of September, its Originals series and movies and events will be free to watch (they will be ad supported). However, this doesn’t mean that YouTube is done with the subscription model. YouTube Premium will continue to exist, and subscribers will have certain perks over free users.

This includes being able to access all the content at once for binge watching as well as the ability to download videos for offline viewing. It is also expected that there will be some shows that will continue to remain exclusive to Premium subscribers, which you can check out in this list here.

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