For the longest time ever, one of the defining features of Apple’s MacBook laptops was its glowing logo on the lid of the device. However, in recent years, Apple has decided to drop the design completely. If you did like the idea of such a design, you might be interested to learn that it could be making a comeback, but not for the MacBook, but for the iPhone.

This is according to a recently-discovered patent in which it has been revealed that Apple is exploring the idea of maybe turning the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone into a glowing LED which can be used to let users know they have notifications. The concept of notification lights aren’t new and have been around for years, where devices as old as the original BlackBerry handsets used to have them.

However, according to the patent, it won’t just be a simple LED that blinks. Based on the patent, it reveals how Apple plans to incorporate such a feature through the use of a transparent layer along with an adjustable optical component. This would affect how the light will appear through that layer, where apparently it will give users several different options to choose from.

That being said, before you get too excited, know that Apple files a ton of patents from time to time. We imagine that a lot of times those patents are filed simply to protect the company’s interests, with it being hard to tell if any of them might actually come to pass.

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