Ever since the Apple Watch was launched, we have heard how it has improved on the lives of its users. For example, there have been multiple examples of how the Apple Watch has improved on the health and fitness levels of its wearers by reminding them to stand and also pushing them to accomplish their move/exercise goals.


We have also heard multiple stories of how the heart rate sensor and ECG feature has saved many lives. Now in a new feature shared on People, it tells a story of a dad who credits the Apple Watch for improving on the life of his autistic son. This comes in the form of a new feature in the Apple Watch that can measure the noise levels around the user.

According to the dad, Scott Bennett, his son who is autistic tends to speak very loudly and has had a hard time trying to modulate his voice. However, with the new feature of the Apple Watch, it allowed his son to pay attention to his voice and its volume levels, so when he notices that the noise levels are pretty high, he will then try to tone it down.

Bennett adds, “There’s 5 million of these folks [with special needs] out there, and every one of them is different, and has different issues and needs. And it’s really hard to make use of all the technology that’s out there. I’m sure there’s other things out there that my son could benefit from, it’s just, who has the time to go through them and sort through all these things? I just happened to see one thing and it really made a difference for me, and I’m excited enough to want to share with other people.”

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