As laptops’ weight generally decreased over time, many users have started shifting priorities from thin & light to comfort and speed.

While it’s true that there is a vibrant market for ultralights, computers have become “light enough” for many of us, and we turn our attention elsewhere.

The HP Spectre x360 15 is a convertible PC that seems to have been designed for those who want more. More screen real estate, more speed, more visual comfort, and accuracy.

At the same time, the OEM has done everything it can to further reduce the size of the computer whenever possible.

Left: the previous model. Right: new one, much smaller

For example, the screen bezel and especially the chin bezel has been considerably reduced. You will see this with some OEMs as the manufacturing technology has improved to make this possible.

The top bezel is very thin, but despite that, it still hosts a new webcam module, including one with an IR camera option. We looked at the components, and they were incredibly tiny. To the right of the computer, there’s a kill switch that cuts power to the webcam for total privacy.

New webcam (top) vs previous webcam (bottom)

The reduction of the bezels has a direct impact on how big the laptop is, and as a result, the width of the Spectre x360 15 has reduced by 25mm and very impressive change.

The use of OLED display technology must have helped as well. Normally, LCD backlights are at the edge of the screen. Without these, that’s one more opportunity for ultrathin bezels.

OLED increases the image quality by naturally having excellent contrast and color saturation. Price aside, there are no downsides.

On top of the OLED panel, HP has added an anti-glare glass layer, which helps a lot when working in bright conditions. It’s also supposed to be anti-fingerprint, a must for touch-screens. We haven’t put that one to the test because a bunch of people was taking pictures non-stop.

Performance-wise, HP has spared no efforts either. The 10th-gen Intel Core i7 processor (hopefully up to 6-cores) works alongside an NVIDIA discrete graphics processor.

The whole setup seems like an excellent configuration for on-the-go video editing or even gaming.

The craftmanship of the laptop is among the best we’ve seen, and the color scheme is most definitely original. Definitely worth looking at.

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