Internet speeds can vary due to a lot of reasons. For example, someone in your home could be hogging the bandwidth which could slow down your speeds. It could also be due to you being in an area of the home with bad coverage, which can also impact your speeds. Then there could also be issues with your ISP that could also have a negative effect.

However, the good news is that if you own a Google WiFi or Nest WiFi device, Google has recently announced a new software update for these devices that should help with your internet optimization. While it will not necessarily make your internet faster, it should make the routers “smarter” in terms of handling your internet which could help deal with buffering issues.

According to Google, “This update will improve overall network performance on slow internet connections, which means your Wi-Fi will better support multiple video calls, gaming sessions and more simultaneously. It includes general security and stability improvements and will also improve device connection speeds on wireless networks and optimizations so your devices move to faster Wi-Fi radio channels.”

The update is currently in the process of being rolled out, so your Google WiFi or Nest WiFi devices should get them automatically. In the meantime, if you need some tips on how to make your internet faster, do check out our guide.

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