Sign languages, like all languages, needs to be learnt in order for you to understand it and how to use it. However, thanks to researchers from UCLA’s Samueli School of Engineering, they have developed a wearable glove that can take the movements from sign language and translate them into English.


This means that those who use sign language will be able to “speak” to those who don’t understand it. According to Jun Chen, an assistant professor of bioengineering, “Our hope is that this opens up an easy way for people who use sign language to communicate directly with non-signers without needing someone else to translate for them.”

Chen also notes, “In addition, we hope it can help more people learn sign language themselves.” The premise of the gloves are pretty simple, where it will feature sensors that run along the length of each of the fingers. Whenever the fingers move, the sensors will attempt to detect what kind of movements are made, and will then translate those movements into English.

While this technology isn’t new, UCLA claims that their design is less bulky compared to other designs and are more comfortable. They also only cost $50 in materials, but that could be further reduced when mass produced. It also seems to work pretty well as a prototype, where it is capable of interpreting 60 American Sign Language signs at close to 99% accuracy.

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