2020 iMac Benchmarks Suggests That It Might Be Worth Upgrading To

After more than a year, just the other day Apple finally updated its iMac where they gave the 27-inch iMac a refresh and an upgrade in terms of hardware specs. This included the use of newer Intel processors, the shift to full SSDs, and also a much-requested upgrade to the webcam where it now shoots in 1080p.

So the question is, are these new iMacs worth upgrading to? Turns out that they are, at least according to multiple benchmarks. In a video posted on YouTube by Max Yuryev, he tested the top of the line 2019 iMac with a Core i9 processor against the 2020 iMac with a Core i7 processor and the computer scored 8,292 and 9,741 respectively in terms of multi-core scores.

Since not everyone will be getting the most expensive model, Macotakara also conducted their own benchmarks with the Core i5 models where the 2019 model scored 5,100 versus 5,688 against the 2020 model. These are some pretty good gains so if you were thinking of getting the new iMac, it seems like it could be worth it.

However, we should note that this Intel iMac could possibly be one of the last Intel-based iMacs we will be seeing. This is because Apple has confirmed that they will be transitioning to their own custom chipsets over the next two years, which means that it is possible that the next iMac refresh could be powered by Apple’s own chipset. If you’re in no hurry to upgrade, then it might be worth sitting this one out and waiting to see what Apple could have in store.

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