A boss gifting employees something every now and then is pretty normal, which is why when a boss of a company in Hangzhou, China, gifted employees of the company a hi-tech cushion under the guise of goodwill, nobody really thought anything of it. However, it turns out that this gift was a trojan horse used to spy on the activities of employees.

According to the report from China Press, it seems that this boss is known for loving new pieces of technology, and as such, gifting employees with a hi-tech cushion that can be used to monitor the heart rate and prompt the user to stand up and walk around if they’ve been sitting too long did not come as a surprise.

However, according to one employee, it seems that this gift was more than it seemed. It turns out that the boss could use the data from these cushions to monitor the activity of the employees. The employee claimed that one day when she was in the pantry, her colleagues from the HR department came in and spoke to her.

They asked her why wasn’t she at her desk from a certain period of time, and warned that her pay might be cut as it might seem like she is slacking. We’re not sure if not being at your desk means that you’re not productive, plus it seems like an invasion of one’s privacy, especially since health data is meant to be personal, but what do you think? Was this an invasion of privacy, or was the boss right to monitor the productivity of the employees of the company?

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