One of the reasons why official repairs can be so expensive is because the parts they use are genuine. This means that when you repair a device like an iPhone, you’re guaranteed that the part they used will be the same that is used across other iPhones. This is versus unofficial third-party repairs who might replace parts with cheaper alternatives.

While there’s nothing wrong with that, since unofficial repairs can be considerably cheaper, Apple wants users to be aware all the same. So much that in iOS 14.4, it appears that Apple will start warning users if the camera modules on their iPhones are non-genuine after they’ve gotten it repaired.

This warning will not prevent users from using their devices or the camera, but it will just serve as a reminder that they might not necessarily be getting the same experience compared to a genuine component. This isn’t the first time that Apple is introducing such warning messages. The company had previously done the same for its displays and also batteries, where they will alert users when the iPhone detects a non-genuine part.

Some might argue that this is Apple trying to stifle third-party repairs and force users to pay for official repairs, but like we said, these warnings don’t interfere with the usage of the iPhone and can be easily dismissed.

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