Recently, a patent surfaced which suggested that despite Samsung seemingly focusing on foldable displays, the company is also exploring other types of displays for smartphones, including rollable and sliding ones. This is interesting because LG, Samsung’s rival, did confirm at CES that they are developing a phone with a rollable display.


That being said, a recent report out of Korea seems to have confirmed that Samsung’s interest in other types of flexible displays is more than just a patent. The report cites Samsung Display who confirmed that they are looking into and are also developing other forms of flexible displays, such as rollable ones and sliding ones.

The company does not mention if they are going to release a phone with a rollable or sliding display, but it wouldn’t be surprising if this development of these types of displays would eventually become an actual product that customers are able to buy.

While there are no rollable display smartphones in the market right now, it’s not hard to see why it might be a more appealing concept than foldable ones. Rollable displays, at least based on the currently-proposed implementation, could allow phones to maintain its slim form factor and outward appearance, whereas foldable smartphones tend to come across as bulky.

Whether or not rollable displays will be more durable is something we’ll have to wait and see, but it is clear that we are slowly moving towards a new era of smartphone design.

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