Want to know how easy it is to repair the iPhone or Mac that you bought? If you do, then you might need to turn to websites like iFixit who regularly conduct teardowns to see how repairable a device is. However, it seems that over in the Apple Store in France, they are actually displaying repairability scores.


It should be noted that these scores seem to be given by Apple themselves so there could be a chance for bias. Obviously the company would love to put high repairability scores on their devices to encourage customers to buy them, but at the same time, these scores can be refuted by consumers, competitors, consumer watchdogs, and so on, so they need to be somewhat believable.

To be fair, Apple doesn’t seem to have listed very high scores for their devices which more or less reflects what other third-party websites have found themselves, so they can be somewhat believed. You could always check third-party sites if you’d like a second opinion and for a more detailed analysis which Apple doesn’t provide.

We’re not sure if the company plans on expanding this feature to its other stores around the world, but it would be a nice feature to have.

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