The Mac mini does not come with a display, which means that users will need to supply their own display if they want to use it. However, it seems that the M1 Mac mini is having some display related issues. According to numerous complaints, it seems that a problem that users are having is that their displays aren’t waking up when they turn on the Mac mini.

Usually when you turn a computer off but leave the display on, it will eventually go to sleep to help save power after it detects that it is no longer in use. The display usually has no problems turning itself back on whenever you turn the computer, but that’s the issue some M1 Mac mini users are encountering.

The only way users are able to wake the display is to unplug the connection and replug it, which is obviously the less-than-ideal way to go. This also seems to be port agnostic as it affects connections over HDMI, DisplayPort adapters, and Thunderbolt. It seems that this could be an M1 related problem as it was not present before.

It is also not the only issue with the M1 Mac mini. Previously we reported that some M1 Mac mini users were complaining about weird pink squares appearing on their display when it is connected to the computer.

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