Clubhouse is one of the hottest social media apps available at the moment. What’s interesting about its rise to stardom is the fact that it is currently exclusive to iOS, and that the only way you can join it is in the form of an invite. So what about Android users who are looking to get in on the Clubhouse action?

The good news is that according to a tweet by Mopewa, a developer for Clubhouse, it seems that the Android version of Clubhouse is currently in the works. A subsequent tweet by Morgan Evetts has also revealed that the release of the Android version of Clubhouse is scheduled for roughly around May. Do note that this could change, but it’s something that Android users can look forward to.

For those unfamiliar, Clubhouse is a new social media app that challenges and changes the way we discuss things online. Instead of typing things out, Clubhouse lets people discuss various topics through voice chats. Users can create their own rooms based on topics they are interested in and invite people to join.

Anyone can participate in these conversations by “raising their hand”. It has proved to be a popular format because it did not take long for other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Discord to start developing similar features for their own network.

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