A popular rumor making their rounds in the past few years is that Apple could be looking to develop their very own pair of AR glasses. We’ve seen this attempted by the likes of Google in the past, although it wasn’t very successful, so while it does seem like an exciting prospect for Apple, we are a bit skeptical.

Of course, Apple hasn’t actually confirmed anything yet, but a recent interview Apple’s CEO Tm Cook did with the New York Times’ Kara Swisher certainly seemed to hint at the possibility of such a device being in the works.

According to Cook, one of the examples of the use of AR he gave involved enhancing conversations. “You and I are having a great conversation right now. Arguably, it could even be better if we were able to augment our discussion with charts or other things to appear. I’m already seeing AR take off in some of these areas with use of the phone. And I think the promise is even greater in the future.”

Obviously such a scenario wouldn’t exactly be possible or convenient using devices like a phone or tablet, so it makes sense that it would come in the form of a wearable headset. Of course, this is just speculation on our part, but Cook has never been shy about extolling the virtues of AR technology in the past.

While we wouldn’t advise that you take Cook’s statements and feelings about AR as a guarantee that such a headset exists, recent rumors suggest that we could actually see something from Apple in the next few months.

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