Last year, WhatsApp introduced disappearing messages to its messaging platform. For those unfamiliar, basically this allowed users to send messages that would delete itself after 7 days. However, we imagine that for some, 7 days is a bit too long and that there is still a chance these messages could be leaked.

According to a recent report from WABetaInfo, there is some good news on that front. The report claims that WhatsApp is now testing a 24-hour option for its disappearing message feature. It notes that the 7 day option will not be replaced, but rather users will now have the option to choose 24 hours as well.

The feature is pretty much identical except that messages now have a shorter lifespan, perfect for those who don’t want to keep messages around for longer than 24 hours. It is unclear when WhatsApp will begin rolling out the feature, but we imagine that it shouldn’t be too long since the underlying feature is already there, it’s just a matter of difference in the duration.

Assuming this feature is eventually added, users will then have two options to choose from – 7 days or 24 hours, but we wouldn’t mind if in the future WhatsApp added more options like maybe 1 hour.

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