Do you find that your Google Docs documents render a bit slowly or not as well as you would like? For the most part, we reckon most people don’t really have too many complaints about that, but that doesn’t mean that things cannot be improved upon, which is what Google is looking to do with Google Docs.

According to Google, they will be changing the way that Google Docs renders documents. These changes are expected to take place over the next few months so you might not even notice it right away, if at all. According to Google, they will be changing the current HTML-based rendering to a canvas-based approach that they claim will improve on consistency, especially across platforms.

Google also notes that due to these changes, extensions that you use with Google Docs could be impacted in a negative way. “Some Chrome extensions rely on the way the backend of a Google Doc is structured or specific bits of HTML to function properly. By moving away from HTML-based rendering to a canvas-based rendering, some Chrome extensions may not function as intended on and may need to be updated.”

There is a good chance most end-users probably won’t be able to tell the difference, but it’s something that enterprise admins should pay attention to if they’re hoping to avoid extension issues.

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