Teen Developer Recreates iOS 4 As A Standalone App

Way back in the day when the iPhone was first launched, it felt almost revolutionary, but taking a look back at the old UI, it’s kind of cringey to see how outdated it looks by today’s standards. However, we imagine that there are probably some who might be fans of the old skeuomorphic design.

One of those fans is teen developer Zane Kleinberg, who decided that he would try to recreate the look of iOS 4 and release it as a standalone app called OldOS. As to why he chose iOS 4 instead of older or newer versions of iOS, Kleinberg tells Cult of Mac that it is because iOS 4 was his first experience with “modern mobile technology” and thus holds a special place in his heart.

According to Kleinberg, “My first experience with any form of modern mobile technology was iOS 4. It’s difficult to articulate how special of a place this piece of software has in my heart. It is what first introduced me to a passion for app development [and] tech. I think we all just like to cling to a very select number of childhood memories, and so many of mine include this operating system.”

That being said, Kleinberg is almost certain that his app will not be approved for release by Apple, however for those who are interested in checking it out, it is available via TestFlight here.

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