Social media platforms are a great place to meet people, share your thoughts, your work, get feedback, and so on. However, putting yourself out there on a public platform does open the door to trolls and people who have nothing better to do than to harass you, which is a problem that platforms like Instagram face on a daily basis.

To help address that problem, Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced in a video that the company will be testing out a new feature called Limits. This is where users will be able to temporarily lock down their accounts in the event that they feel that they are facing targeted harassment.

At the moment, Instagram does have ways for users to deal with these types of issues. One of the ways is that users can temporarily deactivate their account, which will only be reactivated once they log back in. In a way, Limits sounds like that, but the difference is that Limits can be done from the app while temporary account deactivation is only available through the web or mobile browser.

Another way is users can also disable comments on their posts, meaning that they can continue to post but comments can no longer be made, which is a good way of tuning out the noise. At the moment, Limits is being tested in a select handful of countries, but it should eventually be released to the masses.

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